How To Manage and Add Contacts

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How To Manage and Add Contacts

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.


How to manage and add Contacts on the Student Record.


The Contacts function on a Student Record is found on the Contacts tab along with the Communication Log and Sibling list.


Admin Contacts 001


To Edit an existing Contact, double click on the Contact to open their details, to Add a new Contact to the Student Record click on the Green + icon.


There are 2 options when adding a Contact to the Student Record:


1.Search for an existing Contact within the system by typing the name of the person you are looking for in the Search box

2.Add Contact by clicking on the New button.


Admin Contacts 002


Complete the fields marked with * then click the Save button, which will now open the rest of the fields on the Contact Record.


Admin Contacts 003


To add an Address click on the Green + icon and complete the form. If the Address is already attached to a Record it can be searched and attached. If a new Address is being added, enter the Address Type, for example Home or Work, add the Start Date this address is being used from, enter the Postcode and click on Search to find a list of addresses within that Postcode. Select the Address from the list and click on the Use button, when complete click on the Save button.


Admin Contacts 004


Note: By using the Postcode Finder it will automatically be a validated address with a URPN for Census purposes.


To add a Telephone Number or Email click on the Green + icon and enter the details required. If a Mobile is added it will ask if the phone can receive text messages. Once complete click on the Save button.


Note: – The priority is the Telephone priority and not the Contact priority.


Admin Contacts 005


Admin Contacts 006


To attach to the Student you need to Link them, to do this click on the Green + icon next to Linked Students.

Complete the form identifying the following:


Contact's Relationship to this Student – select from dropdown list

Contact Priority – this is the Contact's Priority to the Student

Source of Contact Priority – select from dropdown list

Court Order Restricted Access

Parental Responsibility – this is key when sending Communications through Bromcom to Contacts

Parental Ballot, Student Reports and Correspondence – these allow Contact lists to be filtered on these items

Grant access to student details in MCAS – this will give access to Student information on the Parent Portal

Alternative Contact Notes – is Free Text


The Contact Record is now complete to save to the Student Record click on the Save button.