How To Purchase SMS Texts

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How To Purchase SMS Texts

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.


Select Modules > Communication > Overview from the Sidebar Menu.


SMS Texts 01


Then click on the Buy Credit button from the Credit Remaining Widget.


SMS Texts 02


The person buying the SMS Credit will have to be an Authorised User to do so. If you are not Authorised a pop-up message will be displayed asking to click on a link to be Authorised by the Customer Care Team


SMS Texts 03


An Authorisation Request Confirmation Message will be sent.


SMS Texts 04


If you have not heard back within 2-3 days, please contact the Customer Care Team on 


Purchasing Texts


Once you are Authorised clicking on the Buy Credit button will display the Buy Credit page, select the number of SMS Texts required from the SMS Bundles dropdown menu, enter a Purchase Order Number, Notes if required and click on the Purchase button.






A Confirmation message will be given, with the number of SMS Texts selected, the Total and the Purchase Order Number. If you want to go ahead click on the Proceed button.


Note: The process is irreversible, if you are not sure click on the Cancel button.


To view previous purchases click on the View Previous Purchases button, this will display a list.





Purchasing Texts for a MAT


If the Trust or the Central Team needs to purchase the SMS Texts to divide across multiple schools you will need to email with the Purchase Order Number and we will add these to the Central Pool, the Authorised Contact from the MAT can then re-assign these to the schools.





If you are unable to order SMS Texts from the Bromcom MIS you need to email with the Purchase Order for the school.

Alternatively, you can call the Customer Care Team on 0202 8290 7155 with the Purchase Order Number to add the texts.



Cost of Texts

Current G-Cloud Prices


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