Refunds for Clubs & Trips

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Refunds for Clubs & Trips

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Hover on the Modules heading on the left hand side and select MyChildAtSchool and click on View Orders from within the Online Payment menu.




The screen below will appear – change the Order Between dates to the appropriate ones.




The Orders will appear as below.


In the final column you can see who has Paid and who is Outstanding.




Use the tick box on the left to select who you wish to Refund.




And click the View button at the top.




The Order will appear as below, click the Refund button.




Select Who is granting the Refund, check the Date and the Amount. Then click Confirm.




Click Yes to Confirm the Refund




Finally you will see a green message across the top to confirm it is successful and you can add a reason in the box at the bottom and press the green Save icon.